The values which guide us

In a financial world which poses constant challenges and in which being able to stand out is increasingly difficult, Intesa Sanpaolo Life has chosen to focus its efforts in identifying the best investment solutions for our customers and, at the same time, in responding to their security needs.

We achieve this by always putting ourselves in our customers' shoes, by investing alongside with them. We do this because we believe in the products that we are offering and in the results that they can achieve through optimal investment strategies.

This for us implies innovation, a commitment, on behalf of the customer, represented by continuous research, by a distinctive market approach, by attention to the quality of what is on offer. This is a choice which unites experimentation and accountability, which favours a strong relationship of trust between the company and the customer.

To think in the interests of the customer means adopting maximum transparency in matters of cost, risk management, technical soundness, and in all manners of communication.

We endeavour to communicate in a simple and understandable fashion. With this in mind, we have created a series of useful tools for those who are faced for the first time with the financial world. In this way, customers can be fully aware of their own investment choices and are able to measure the value of these.

We know that our customers expect the highest level of service and, because of this; we work every day attempting to respond to customer demands as quickly as possible and to offer continuous advice throughout the entire life of the contract.

For these reasons, Intesa Sanpaolo Life is the ideal partner in choosing an investment insurance product. The customer’s aims are our aims.