What we offer

In a world where there is a constant change affecting the lives of our customers, we wanted to create products which meet their needs and expectations while continuously adapting and evolving what happens in the financial markets.

Our Unit-Linked products offer solutions characterised by a financial and insurance dual role, which are simple and accessible to all, and also which are flexible, bespoke, and very dynamic. These products enable both managers and customers to modify the product according to market conditions and seize the best investment opportunities, while respecting the risk/return profile which makes every customer unique.

To be able to move freely between our Unit-Linked funds or to change investment strategy with Intesa Sanpaolo Life does not necessarily imply a cost. Therefore each solution that we offer is designed to adapt to each individual customer without an additional cost. This is one advantage which makes our investment offers even more interesting.

For us, simplicity is an important value. It is also reflected in our offers. We have chosen to simplify our product range so that each one of the products can fully satisfy the needs of our customers.

Therefore, with a single product there is a world of possibilities and solutions.

Intesa Sanpaolo Life has at its disposal the best knowledge of the insurance and finance sector. This is conveyed through the innovative product plans in which we invest. We look into every possible performance opportunity and we develop our products with all the insurance benefits to create a unique model.

When we study investment solutions for our customers, our role is clear. We guide the customers towards the choices that best represent their expectations.

This is what inspires us every day.